ReSharper 8.1 - VS2012 cshtml files

I have a MVC4 solution in VS2012 and i use ReSharper version. When i edit a cshtml file, the typing is extremely slow. The response time sometime is more then 1-2 seconds. Example: when i double click a word the selection of this sometimes more than 2 sceonds. The cursor movement is much slower too than in a cs file. When i suspend ReSharper then this issue does not occure. I tried to follow the troubleshooting guide's recommendations, but doesn't solved the problem.
Anyone else having this problem? Any idea how i might fix it?

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If you have installed DevExpress MVC controls 13.2.1-13.2.6, install the latest update 13.2.7. This is resolve the issue. Thanks for JetBrains ReSharper Support!


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