Specifying a path (other than output dir) as load context


I am working with Resharper 8.1 on Windows 7. I have to refer to a bunch of COM dlls which are used by the managed dll under test. I tried setting reference paths in the test project so that it might pick up from there, which does not work.

It seems that Resharper only works with dlls found in the working/target folder specified in the options (which is either the output folder or the custom folder specified). I am in this tricky situation where I have a bunch of managed dlls which are copied into the target folder and another bunch of unmanaged dlls which are in another location, both of which have to be referenced. I do not want to copy all the unmanaged dlls to the output folder.

VS Test seems to have a way of creating a testsettings file where you can specify a folder other than the output directory and load the assemblies into the current execution context.(Test Settings: Unit Test - "Root folder for the assemblies to be loaded").

Is something like this possible in Resharper?


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