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Are there any plans to add support for js-test-driver for ReSharper? I know it's already supported in WebStorm.

I have been using IntelliJ/PhpStorm/WebStorm for as long as I can remember and I love it. I have been writing JS tests with js-test-driver and I love being able to run them from within WebStorm. However, I'm now in a .NET shop and we use Visual Studio, fortunately with ReSharper, which makes it almost feel like the IntelliJ family.

Our product doesn't have any JS unit tests and I'm tasked with choosing the framework, writing the initial tests and getting them running them from the build. I've looked into QUnit, which is supported by ReSharper. However, QUnit doesn't come with a test driver, so there's still work that would need to be done to launch the browser and report results, I would prefer to use a single tool (jstd), specially since we already got that working at my previous job.

I haven't been able to convince the team to use js-test-driver because they really want IDE integration. I have achieved minor integration with VS by adding a command line to be run from the Tools menu, which runs the test and shows the console output, but the team wants the pretty integration with all the bells and whistles (that come with WebStorm).

I feel that if I can tell them that IDE support for js-test-driver is on its way, they wouldn't mind using js-test-driver and the minor integration I've achieved so far.

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Hi Juan,

this is a known issue. Please refer to this request in our tracker:


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