TFS checkin policy with Cleanup Code

I'm trying to have ReSharper's cleanup code automatically run during TFS Checkin and before commit on all files in Pending Changes.

Ideally, when you right click on the solution / project and select Source Control > Check in all the files in the Pending Changes should run cleanup code. I've got the custom checkin policy to work to some extent, works fine if you select a single file to check in but when you select the solution or project, it tries to run cleanup code on the entire solution / project and not just the files selected in TFS Pending Changes.

I'm running VS 2013 with R# 8.2. My policy evaluate code:

public override PolicyFailure[] Evaluate()
  if (PendingCheckin.Policies.EvaluationState == PolicyEvaluationState.Unevaluated)
    DTE2 dte = PendingCheckin.GetService(typeof (DTE)) as DTE2;
    foreach (EnvDTE.Document doc in dte.Documents)
  return new PolicyFailure[0];

Is there a way to run ExecuteCommand on only 1 file / document? Or I should be using a different command?

It seems like PendingCheckin.GetService(typeof (DTE)) only gets files that are open in the Visual Studio editor not all the files that are in the Pending Changes list.

I can get a list of PendingChange[] through PendingCheckin.PendingChanges.CheckedPendingChanges but I don't know how to execute a command on PendingChange. Any advice would be appricated. I may be going about this the wrong way.

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