Resharper c# not working properly with Shared Projects / Universal Apps


I've noticed that the Resharper 'Rename' function doesn't seem to handle Shared Projects properly (ie. common scenario for this is in Universal App for Windows 8.1/Windows Phone 8.1).

Repro :

  1. I have a solution (c#) which has multiple projects referencing a Shared Project (ie. where <Import ...> is declared in the .csproj file).

       FooShared (Shared Project - used by both FooClient1 + FooClient2)
  2. I then go to the Shared Project and rename a class which is used by both FooClient1 and FooClient2 - for example 'FooController' to 'FooController2'.
  3. Resharper then only changes instances in the Shared Project (FooShared) + the currently selected context (ie. FooClient1) - but fails to make changes in other projects (in this case 'FooClient2').

NB: I'm using latest version of Resharper (

Is this a known issue/any plans to fix? I really need this working ASAP. 8)


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Hello Niall,

  There is a similar ticket in YouTrack You are welcome to comment and vote for it.



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