Question about HintPath for plugin experts

Hi all,

In my company, we have hundreds of C# projects that we build with a custom tool.
We generate solutions with this tool, and project are linked together through simple <Reference> (not <ProjectReference>) and without HintPath.
For some reasons, we would prefer not add HintPath in our projects.
But it prevent Resharper to work well for refactoring or "Find Usages" command.

Do you think there a way by writing a plugin to dynamically provide the HintPath to Resharper (we can compute them when necessary) ?


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I'm not sure you can provide a HintPath without ReSharper editing the project file. Could you provide some more details about why ReShaprer doesn't work with refactorings and Find Usages if there is no HintPath? If it compiles, ReSharper should be able to find usages, etc. Do you see lots of symbols highlighted in red?


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