Resharper 8.2.1 and NUnit - Unused Methods

I updated to Resharper 8.2.1000.4555 today (and then updated my ExternalAnnotations to 8.2.1001).  I am running on Visual Studio 2013 Professional (12.0.30501.00 Update 2).  I have a solution I've been working on with a library of unit tests written using NUnit (2.6.3) and .NET 4.5.  The test methods have begun showing up as "Unused" methods.  Googling this issue only comes up with older versions and recommends updating ExternalAnnotations.  Since I have done that and have the latest, I am at a loss.  Is this a Resharper bug or is there something else I should be doing to make these methods show up as used?

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Hello Jason

  Please check the status of the following setting in ReSharper Options: Code Inspection | Code Annotations | JetBrains.Annotations. It should be ticked.



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