cleanup using custom pattern

Hi all,

I'd like to remove all my company renamed "endregions". So
#region A
// lines of code
#endregion A

will became in:
#region A
// lines of code

My idea is to use a custom pattern to find and replace these cases.
But I can't achieve it, I've two problmes:

Problem1: How can I "link" a custom pattern to be found and replaced when doing a code clean up?

Problem2: I've already tried to do the custom pattern and I can't get it.
Knowing that the following regex works correctly to found the pattern: ^(\s)*\#endregion(.+)$
I tried with two identifier placeholders, one for previous possible tabs and spaces and another finding the name I want to remove
where $tabs$ is an identifier placeholder with regex: ^(\s)*
and $regionName$ is an identifier placeholder with regex: (.+)$
Unfortunatelly I can't check if it works because Resharper advise me that $regionName$ is an unexpected placeholder.

Can any one tell me if:
Problem 1 is possible to solve?
Problem 2, where am I wrong?

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ReSharper's Search with Pattern functionality doesn't support region directives. Sorry for that.

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What a pity!

Thanks anyway Victor, so now I don't need to continue squeezing my brian ;)

Won't be interesting to add a feature similar to what I asked to? So one can find patterns known and then clean up them as desired?

Thanks again!

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Search with Pattern is designed to work with pure code tree ignoring all whitespace, comments, etc. So we don't have any plans to support matching #region directives. Sorry for that.


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