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Hopefully just a Quick question...
When performing renaming in ReSharper it ask's you if you wan't to rename related symbols as well... This is mostly great insode "pure" C# projects, but I find it to become a big annoyance in e.g. Web projects as ReSharper seems to rename whatever it finds in everything... Which unfortunetly includes JavaScript, hereunder also my Bower components, node components.
It also obviously rename things in my Git submodules, which in some cases is fine, but in others it's not... That is less of an annouance though.

Now I know I can just remember to remove the checkmark everytime, but I was wondering if there is a way to disable that by default?, as it has gotten to the point where more often than not, it includes stuff I do not wish it to.

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Hello Jens,

  It is not possible now. However, I logged a new ticket to YouTrack You are welcome to track its progress.



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