Editor drop down lists doesn't work


I just started using Resharper and I have a problem. I'm not sure this is a problem with Resharper, but I don't think that I had it before installing it (installed Resharper just days after installing VS2013)

The problem:
So the problem is that the drop down lists in the code window, the ones where you can navigate to different functions in the opened file:
can't be opened. If I click in one of them, I can navigate with up and down buttons, so the content is there. It's just that I can't open them.

So I was woundering if theres any way to disable the three-drop-down-system that (at least I think) comes with Resharper?
Or if this is a know issue with a known fix that I have missed searching this forum?

//Best Regars  Markus

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