Code Analysis not working on NuGet installed js files

I hope I am referring to the correct ReSharper feature when I say "Code Analysis".

Simply put when I create a new javascript file and add a line such as this:
var test = getTest();
ReSharper colors the component parts of that statement and squiggly underlines the "getTest" call because I haven't implemented it yet; I can then hit Alt-Enter or click on the lightbulb in the margin and can choose to allow ReSharper to stub out the function for me.  That's great.


...when I open a javascript file that was installed with a NuGet package (John Papa's Hot Towel Angular "add-on") this feature does not work.  I don't get code hints via text colors nor can I Alt-Enter or see a lightbulb in the margin.

What gives?  I have looked at the Generated Code setting in "Options | Code Inspection" but nothing there seems to pertain to this.
I have tried to uninstall ReSharper and restart the project (in case ReSharper didn't like the fact that my project was part way through).  When I did that I noticed that one file that was created by me before ReSharper was installed and didn't show Code Analysis results did work with Code Analysis when I reinstalled ReSharper and re-created the file after the installation.

Is there somewhere in ReSharper that I can configure it to work with the NuGet-created javascript files?

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Hello Colin,

  The same question was raised here Please look at comment from our developers.

  Also you may refer to - there is an explanation of such ReSharper behavior.

Hope it helps!


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