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I am trying to use the create new template functionality of resharper. This is activated by highlighting a folder in solution explorer, and pressing alt+insert or ctrl+alt+insert  this gives a quick dialog of new templates that can be created such as c# struct, enum, razor view etc.. but the basic file types are missing such as html or javascript file.

as far as i could find templates can be added via the template explorer, but when i try to add them there it gives an option to create more of a code snippet template that culd be used WITHIN a javascript file..

so my question is how i can extend the alt+insert menu to include more basic filetypes

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Hello Rafal,

  To add any template (JS, HTML) to the list, please do the following:
  1) Open ReSharper | Templates Manager | File Templates;
  2) Open ASP.NET (C#) Scope node;
  3) Click "New Template" icon;
  4) Fill "Default file name" field with "JavaScript.js" or "File.html" and Description with any name you like;
  5) Save the template;
  6) Go to Templates Explorer window;
  7) Find new template in "Not in quicklist" list;
  8) Drag&drop this template to "In quicklist" list;
  9) Then call Alt+Insert menu for any web project in the solution explorer.



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