Custom ExternalAnnotations location in R# plugin

I'm trying to get a R# plugin to deploy an external annotations file to the correct location.
My TechTalk.SpecFlow.ExternalAnnotations.xml file works like a charm when manually copy it to either of following locations


For the first I need a VS restart.

Now I want to wrap it in a plugin so based on the provided examples my plugin folder structure is as follows:


After installing the pluign (and restarting/rebuilding), I can't find the xml file anywhere.

Do I need to add the following? If so what should be at the '?'

         <file src="?" target="?" />

What else am I doing wrong?


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The file needs to either be named after the assembly, or live in an folder with the same name as the assembly. So, in your case, where the assembly is TechTalk.SpecFlow.dll, the annotation should be one of the following:

  • ReSharper\vAny\annotations\TechTalk.SpecFlow.xml
  • ReSharper\vAny\annotations\TechTalk.SpecFlow\annotations.xml (or foo.xml, or anything with a .xml extension)

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