WebConfig.RedundantLocationTag/WebConfig.WebConfigPathWarning warning with bundles

I have location node in web.config to allow anonymous acces for dynamic css and js bundle paths.
Surely, R# has no idea how to check this path and throw warning,
I have disabled my location tag for WebConfig.RedundantLocationTag and WebConfig.WebConfigPathWarning but it's still a warning...

<!-- ReSharper disable WebConfig.RedundantLocationTag -->
<!-- ReSharper disable WebConfig.WebConfigPathWarning -->
<location path="Content/themes/base/css">
<!-- ReSharper restore WebConfig.WebConfigPathWarning -->
<!-- ReSharper restore WebConfig.RedundantLocationTag -->

How can i disable it?

P.S. I'm using R# 8.2.2000.5102 with StyleCop

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Hello Denis,

  Seems as if you faced the same issue as described here https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-394627.



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