Please don't link JS and TS "feature" together

I should be able to disable TypeScript without disabling JavaScript.

Resharper (even new version 9) has just terrible TypeScript support. It's slow, clunky, and doesn't support JSDoc comments (but Visual Studio does).

Please make it so I can keep Resharper's JS feature enabled, but disable TS. Thanks.

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Have you tried disabling TypeScript intellisense support in ReSharper -> Options -> Intellisense -> General?

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Well, maybe I need to be clearer.

Even if I uncheck TypeScript for intellisense, it's still analyzing the TypeScript code (coloring it, adding actions, etc)-- and it's taking over the "hover" details for methods/etc.. I can test my theory by doing something simple, like:

module TestModule {

    export class TestClass {

        constructor() {



        /** This JSDoc comment should show in the intellisense. */

        private doSomething() {





If I hover over the line with just "this.doSomething();" on it, the hover "details" should show the JSDoc comment for the method, because VS supports this (and apparently RS doesn't).

It looks like the intellisense is showing these comments, so that part is working correctly. But it seems weird to have the "hover intellisense" and the "inline intellisense" be out of sync. Hopefully what I'm saying makes sense. I don't know what the "hover details" is really called. It's the stuff that shows up when you hover on a method/etc. in Visual Studio. I thought that was part of the intellisense?

Or, you guys could pretty please add support for JSDoc comments in TS? :) See my other posts:


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