Prefixed method names does not show up in intellisense


Version: ReSharper 10.0.20151114.194955

private class Foo
private void zfooBarOne() { }
private void zFooBarOne() { }
private void fooBarOne() { }
private void FooBarOne() { }

private void Foo()


Above "foob" lists all but zfooBarOne, bug? (I try to use z as static prefix, and private methods as camelCase but not getting these in intellisense makes it kindof useless).




Official comment


It is the way how Identifier Matching works. It does not match a variable name by substring. It will match in case of CamelCase or separator e.g. "z_foo" or "zFoo" will be matched to "foo", but "zfoo" won't.  

Why don't you type "zfoob" straight away to match needed variable? 


>Why don't you type "zfoob" straight away to match needed variable? 

The point is I want "z" to indicate static stuff, but when I need a logic e.g. "GetUser*" I start typing getuser (since I don't know if member is static or not) and then from intellisense see if there are static alternatives or not.

What complicates is I have public methods PascalCase and private methods lowerCase. Thus I get issues since if I use zLowerCase it indiates it is a public method and not a private one, so only solution then seem to use the (ugly) separator style as in z_lowerCase/z_PascalCase



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