.sln.DotSettings file keeps being changed

I have a repository in which the .sln.DotSettings file for the solution is stored in source control. I keep getting a change to the .sln.DotSettings file with the only difference:

<s:Boolean x:Key="/Default/Environment/SettingsMigration/IsMigratorApplied/=JetBrains_002EReSharper_002EPsi_002ECSharp_002ECodeStyle_002ESettingsUpgrade_002EMigrateThisQualifierSettings/@EntryIndexedValue">True</s:Boolean>

How can I stop this from being changed every time I open the solution?


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You can't stop this setting being written - it's a flag to indicate that older settings have been migrated and shouldn't be migrated again. The simplest thing is to just commit the file with the changes.

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How does this impact teams with R# 8 and R# 9 users? I upgraded to R# 9 and most of my team still seems to use 8. I see the dotsettings file gets 100~ new lines that i constantly don't commit to source control.

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How does this impact teams with R# 8 and R# 9 users?

By design, running R#8 and R#9 off the very same settings file is a supported

I cannot be 100% sure that every individual feature doesn't fail the invariant.
But generally it should be OK.
For instance, this particular change won't harm R#8.

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