Resharper 8 (8.2.3) parsing not updated when managed CLI assembly changed

The situation goes like this:

1. I have two projects in solution
2. One project is managed C++ CLI old syntax
3. The other is C# , that uses (references) the project above

If I change (add, remove or rename) some property in managed C++ project and rebuild it
then VS 2010 can use changed/new property just fine (compile project without errors etc)  , BUT Resharper - not, it reports an error in any place in C# I try to use this property (meaning propery name marked red , not shown in intelisence if i press dot, and I have a red marlk on the scrollbar).

Rebuilding projects does not helps , "VS Rescan Solution" command does not helps either, only unloading and loading anew C# project fixes the issue.

First of all I think it's a bug.
Secod, as a workaround , is there some Resharper command that can cause Resharper to rebuild it's database or what ever , for the current project, so I will not forced to unload/reload project?

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