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I like resharper, but use it almost for unity development. It would be very nice to have "unityengine mode" toggle in resharper settings. C# 5, C#6 and some some other features are not supported and should be turned off. LINQ have troubles on iOS and could be marked with Warning. MonoBehaviour functions should not be marked as "unused" and so on.

Unity is very popular engine so I think it will be nice for a lot of people

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It sounds like some of these things could be implemented as a plugin - setting the C# language level automatically, marking known Unity specific methods as in use, warnings for known issues with the platform, etc. The only problem is, I don't know anything about Unity :) , and some background and help with requirements would be very useful. Is this based on using the Visual Studio Tools for Unity? Is it easy to get up and running?

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Hi, I'm Unity dev myself and I totally support this. In fact I was toying with the idea of writing such plugin. It would definitely help clearing unity projects and maybe even introduce some refactorings specific for unity projects etc.
It should be even possible to seamlessly integrate this plugin into resharper since unity projects seem to be marked so the plugin would just look if the current project is unity one and offer its functionality accordingly (ie no need for any switches).

Unity Editor has been connected to visual studio by UnityVS in the past. Recently microsoft acquired the company and renamed the product to Tools for Unity, a fully fledged extension for VS. It is only reasonable to assume that they have big plans for unity and .net so resharper team might want to take that into account, it is indeed very popular engine.
Setting up test environment is easy, you need to install unity sdk from http://unity3d.com/ and Tools for Unity extension, details here http://unityvs.com/documentation/.


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