Resharper 9 is the buggiest release ever

I've guess I've been spoiled.  Prior to Resharper 9, I never had any concerns about upgrading to the latest and greatest version, and I've recommended that all developers I work with use the product.  I've been a resharper user since prior to version 7--I think I stared with version 5, and I've NEVER had so many issues with a version.  I don't know what changed at JetBrains, but this is terrible.  Nothing works as expected, it's slow and EXTREMELY buggy. Crashes, exceptions, etc.  I've reached out to support for many of them, but honestly, my patience is wearing thin.  I buy resharper to SAVE me time, not cost me time and I've spent quite a few hours fighting with Resharper 9, documenting bugs, working with tech support, etc.

Here's what I'm running into.  Some of these have been fixed, some haven't.

  • The test runner is just broken.  Jumping treeview, tests not found, tests "discovered" when I think I'm running all tests, and WOW is it slower than previous.  Sometimes tests will run fine, then tests that I just ran and completed successfully will be broken.  I didn't have this problem with 8, which makes me think it's not the tests . . .  By far, this is the most annoying and worst area in resharper.  Creating new tests is very painful, since Resharper now slows EVERYTHING down to the point of not being able to see the letters you're typing in in real time as you type them.  No, I'm not on a wimpy computer--it's a top end gaming machine with way more horse power than I should need.
  • File layout stuff.  Resharper used to allow you to organize things with regions AND sort within those regions (as of version 8).  Now I'm told that's not possible.  Sure, the layout thingy looks nice, but honestly, we're developers and playing with an XML file wasn't that big of a deal.  Also, code cleanup is slower and the huge change broke add in tools.
  • Extension manager is broken with the EAP installs.  You can't install any extensions, so make a choice--live with the bugs or fix the bugs and have no extensions.
  • Exceptions on start-ups.  Just random things and no reason why.
  • Intellisense improvements don't always work.  Sometimes I hit the period button and I'm told that there's nothing I can append.  If I hit backspace and hit it again, intellisense magically works again.  Must be my keyboard . . .
  • When you type the < key, you don't always get a <.  Often, nothing happens and you have to type it again.  Very annoying and didn't happen prior to resharper 9.
  • The unified installer--wow is that thing not intuitive.  Looks good, but doesn't work well.  For example, if you don't realize that options start in a selected state, you'll click on them, thinking that you're selecting them, get a ui reaction, and then hit install only to be told that there wasn't anything to do.  Plus its SLOWWWW!.
  • Stylecop is broken. I know it's not a Jetbrains product, but many, many, many of us use it since coupled with the file layout stuff it's extremely useful.  Jetbrains response is nothing more than answering a single question on the stylecop forums.

This is NOT what I've come to expect from Jetbrains and I'm deeply disappointed.  It feels like 9.0 development was outsourced to "save" money and then wasn't tested or was pushed out the door prior to it being ready to go.

I can't currently recommend version 9 of resharper to anyone.  It'll only cause them pain.

What's going on guys?  Why are you trying to make me hate you?

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Hello Robert,

  Please accept our apologies of all issues you are facing using ReSharper 9.0. We are working hard on ReSharper 9.1 release right now and ReSharper 9.1 EAP build can be found here

  1) We've fixed a lot of mentioned bugs related to Unit Tests feature in R# 9.1 EAP. If you are still experience any of them, please report a new request to YouTrack with steps to reproduce

  2) Could you please describe File Layout issue in detail?   

  3) The plug-ins should be updated to support R# 9.1 SDK and re-uploaded to Plug-in Gallery. Then they will be available in Extension Manager

  4) Have you submitted such exceptions to YouTrack via Exception Submitter?

  5) Do you have consistent steps to reproduce IntelliSence issue?

  6) Do I right understand that '<' issue happens in cshtml files? How often does it happen?

  7) Since the latest major release, all JetBrains .NET Tools have been shipped into one installer, because now they are using the common platform and run inside one platform's instance instead of multiple ones as it was before (it helps to resolve a lot of performance issues running all products together). Yes, there are several bugs and not obvious behavior which may lead to some misunderstanding. We are working on a better implementation of Common .NET Installer to resolve reported issues and obstacles.

  8) If anyone needs to get some help with question about ReSharper 9.0/9.1 API, one is welcome to ask his questions here Unfortunately, we do not have resources to monitor or github.

Thanks and again, our apologies for the inconvenience.


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