Resharper EAP 9.1 - Rename Preview missing

I'm using the R# 9.1 EAP 8 (but I have seen the same problem with previous EAP).
When I try to rename a method/variable with the hotkey F2 (I'm using VS2013 standard hotkeys), the Resharper show the Rename dialog but if I press the 'Next' button, rename immediately all my code without show me a preview of the files, and lines, to rename.
If I 'suspend' Resharper, VS show the 'standard' rename panel with the preview.
It is not clear if I have some problems with my settings/options (I have tried to reset the settings of VS and also of R# but withou success).
In the past I was able to use directly the VS rename panel instead the Resharper panel, I have tryed to remove all the hotkeys of Resharper but always, when I press the F2 button, R# show his rename panel.

Thanks for any answer :)

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After the installation of the RC1 seems that the Preview of Resharper works in the correct way now!
Still open the question on How use the 'standard' rename panel instead the resharper panel. (But now this is a very small problem for me because I have the preview :))


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