No code file analysis

I started an empty project in VS2013. I then ran Install-Package -Prerelease Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Samples, to install a sample for MVC5. I now have no code analysis on any file that I open. I can run the solution wide analysis, and the Resharper menu options are available (like Refactor in the relevant context). But no automatic analysis and "color bar". I open other solutions in VS2013, and they have no problems. Is there something the installation of hte samples does that affects the analysis?

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Hello Andy,

  ReSharper considers all files from nuget packages as NonUserCode. Some more information you may find here

  To remove "non-user code" restriction for the solution files from Nuget samples package, please open "packages.config" file and remove the following string:
     <package id="Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Samples" version="{Version}" targetFramework="net45" />

  Then save the file and reopen the solution.


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Awesome, thanks Alexander.


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