Unit Test Runner failed to run tests

I've been messing around w/ trying to get a test runner to run javascript unit tests via Jasmine (2.x)

I was having trouble getting ReSharper to run tests that required loading angular modules, so I decided to try out Chutzpah.  Got it installed, and that I could get to load angular modules, but still not ReSharper.  I played around w/ Chutzpah to get a better understanding of what is required for angular modules w/in Jasmine, and eventually got Jasmine's test harness (SpecRunner.html) to run the tests successfully.

So, I decided to see if I could get ReSharper going.  But now when I try to run a test, the following dialog comes up.
At a minimum, it'd be nice to know what file ReSharper was trying to load, and where it expected it to be.

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