Resharper Intellisense not or incorrectly working

Hey guys, recently I discovered this issue: sometimes Intellisense (code completion) is not working at all or is suggesting completely wrong things.
Usually closing VS (2013) and reopening it again helped. But since yesterday, nothing helps anymore. Restarted PC, re-installed Resharper, reset Resharper settings, ... nothing.
In the attached picture you can see that it should suggest the foreach snippet, but it suggests ConnectionManager. (the next line starts with "Container", so that might be the reason?)
I am using VS2013 (update 4) and Resharper 9.1 although I didn't change anything recently. I tried to update to 9.1.1, but it didn't help either.

resharper intellisense.png
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To anyone having this or a similar problem: I already contacted support and they told me the .suo file might be corrupted. I deleted it, and now everything works fine again!


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