Resharper downloads (exe vs msi again) and the old versions page

I'm having issues with the latest 9 release, so I wante to go back a version. Two issues:

First: There used to be a link to the previous versions download page on the actual download page. This seems to have disappeared during the site revamp. It is still there, and up to date, but I had to google it.

Second: Version 8 and lower are available as .msi packages. These are "Work firewall friendly". The three V9 packages are all .EXE's these are not "Work firewall friendly". The latest version download page includes both an HTTP and HTTPS link, the HTTPS link is "Work firewall friendly". I should probably have checked if I could take the download url and prefix it with HTTPS instead of HTTP, but I've only just thought of that and even if it works, it isn't dealing with the actual problem.

Ironically being forced to backgrade to V8 today was probably a blessing in disguise. I had some issues with v9,0, but this week's update has been a real problem. I'll provide proper details later, but one example: After installation it worked until I closed visual studio and then cleared %TEMP% directory. After that I'd get multiple "package load failures on start up. Doing a repair would allow it to start up again. I didn't investigate I had work to do,

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