I'd like to turn off Resharper features in-place


I'm in a love-hate relationship with Resharper. Every now and then I install it, then it frustrates me so much that I uninstall it.
I just did that again.
But now I can tell, what I'd like to have to make me love it :-)

Resharper has great features and it has annoying ones as well - I guess we all love / hate different features.
I know I can configure every little feature, but I NEVER find the corresponding switch when I want something enabled/disabled.
For me the most annoying one is when it adds opening and closing brackets, becasue it ends up duplicating them as I also type them. I found how to disable auto-closing them, but still don't know how to stop adding method opening and closing braces.

If you could make it possible to turn features off
- when Resharper does something, I'd like to say: What you just did, don't do any more
- when a hint comes up, right click it and choose
   - to keep it
   - revert to VS functionality
   - turn it off

Then I could just love it :-)

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