Resharper false code-editor positives

VS2013, R# 9.1

I liked Resharper 8.2.  Version 9.0 was horrible. Version 9.1 is better, but...

Since upgrading to R# version 9.1 from time to time I am getting annoying false positives being identified in the code editor window.  Here is an example:

In this case R# thinks that the private setter on the property 'Exception' is unused, yet it clearly IS used.  Similarly R# thinks that neither of the constructor parameters are used, yet they clearly ARE used.
Closing and re-opening the source file does not clear the issues.
Suspending and then resuming R# via the VS2013 options dialog removes them.
Editing the directly affected code for each item removes the associated issue (e.g. adding an additional character to the name of the first constructor parameter and then removing it again clears the issue associated with the first constructor parameter).

This seems to happen (and I bet it will not happen when somebody else tries it!) when I copy the body of an existing constructor in order to use the code as the basis for the constructor of a new class that I am working on.  I paste the code from the clipboard into the editor (loads of errors are shown due to missing 'usings' etc), I use ALT+Enter to resolve them (most of the errors go away) and the errors that I am left with are not really errors at all.

For issues that really are issues, if I hover the mouse over the indicator on the RHS, a tool-tip appears telling me about the issue.  For these false issues no such tool-tip appears.

Is this a known issue?  Is there any way to stop it happening?

David Razzetti

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I get the same problem here, seemingly at random. Closing and re-opening the solution usually removes the fake warnings.

VS2013 update 4;
R# 9.1.20150408.155143;
Windows 8.1 x64;

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This problem seems to be happening much more frequently with v9.1.1, to the point that I can't trust any R# warnings.

Closing and re-opening Visual Studio every five minutes to fix an R# bug is becoming tedious.

Is there any news on a fix for this?


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