Creating a Team ReSharper Settings File based on Defaults

I read how ReSharper uses the different layers of settings files as per

So I want to set up a new file for my team, I add a new Blah.sln.DotSettings file at the root of by solution alongside Blah.sln.

When I do this, the file is empty. How to I create this file with the ReSharper defaults in place?

For example, if a developer changes 'Setting A' from 'Value 1' to 'Value 2' at their machine level, because there is no entry for 'Setting A' in the team file, their machine level setting wins. I think I need the original 'Setting A' line in the team level file to overrule their machine level settings

How do I get those default values in the team file in the first place?  If I set a non-default value at the team level, the setting stays there and it wins.  But if the value I want at the team level is the same as the default, I don't get that line in the team file.

I'm having such difficulty doing something that seems so simple that I think there's something I'm missing.

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