Resharper 9.1.2 and VS2015RTM

I'm seeing a major problem with typing in the editor of VS2015.  I get double characters at random, and sometimes characters are transposed.  Also, the editor is running so slow that I can outpace the intellisense and I'm not that fast a typist.  Just moving the cursor with the cursor key causes the focus to jump out of the editor into other parts of the VS UI.

Disabling Resharper makes all the bad behaviour go away.  Typing is fast and accurate, no more jumping UI focus, doubled up characters or transposed characters.

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Hi Douglas,

Apologies. The problems that you describe were caused by a nasty bug in ReSharper 9.1.2. We have hopefully fixed the problems with ReSharper 9.1.3, which I invite you to update to.


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