Various problems with v9

I've been having various problems since upgrading to 9.1.3 (I'm using VS2013):-


  • Slow intellisense. In v8 I could type "pub" and hit Enter, and R# would autocomplete "public" (it would keep up with my fast typing). V9 is a lot slower to respond, so when I do the same thing I just end up with "pub" in the code editor. I have to type much slower, or wait a second for the intellisense popup to appear before pressing Enter.
  • At random R# will start reporting "system.runtime must be referenced" (occasionally different assemblies too). Requires a restart of VS to fix.
  • Occasionally after running unit tests, R# will start reporting hundreds (sometimes thousands) of errors in the solution, although it still builds. The errors typically go away again at random, e.g. after building, running unit tests again, or restarting VS.
  • "Remove unused directives in file" is performing a code cleanup, reformatting the code in a way that I don't want. I've created a code cleanup profile with all options unticked, and set it as the profile to use for silent clean-ups, but it seems to get ignored.
  • R# is slow to remove warning squiggles after I've corrected an issue (e.g. a StyleCop warning). I usually have to  type (say) a space on that line to get it to refresh. Past versions have always done this but v9 seems worse than ever.


I've got a decent 64-bit quad core PC with 16gb memory so these issues shouldn't be hardware related. I'm going to revert to v8 for the time-being as some of this stuff is becoming really irritating - R# is supposed to be a productivity tool but it's actually starting to hinder me now.

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