ProGet Symbol Server

We are using a ProGet Symbol Server and Visual Studio 2013 with ReSharper 9.2.

When debugging and stepping into code, everything works as expected: I get the source files from the symbol server, but when navigating to source code using ReSharper, ReSharper tries to download code from the symbol server but then only shows me the decompiled source code.

I have added the symbol server for Visual Studio under Options --> Debugging --> Symbols. When looking at Resharper Options --> Tools --> External Sources --> Show support information I see entries such as:

--- SymbolsDownloaderCached ---\Users\DaS\AppData\Local\SymbolSourceSymbols::Core.Communication.WCF.dll::5D6D58953E954B598375E002AD4D8FB61
   Result:Error Date:31.08.2015 10:19:20
* http://113tfl03:8091/symbols/SwtFeed::C:\Users\DaS\AppData\Local\Temp\SymbolCache::Core.Communication.WCF.dll::5D6D58953E954B598375E002AD4D8FB61
   Result:Ok Date:31.08.2015 09:44:40

Which is pretty much what I'd expect: It can't find it in the public symbolsource server, but can locate it using our internal server.

I added the whole support information file as an attachment.

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What type, from which dll are you trying to navigate to? And was that log file created after you attempted the navigation? Any messages displayed in the output window - I think there's a symbol pane added in the drop down.

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It's a type in Core.Communication.WCF.dll, the nuget package of which is hosted (including symbols) on our internal ProGet Server. Yes that output was added after trying to navigate to it.

In the output folder (resharper) I get the following:

PdbNavigator: Downloader: -> The remote name could not be resolved: ''
PdbNavigator: Downloader: -> The remote name could not be resolved: ''
PdbNavigator: Downloader: http://113tfl03:8091/symbols/SwtFeed/Core.Communication.WCF.pdb/A9EF76E88A044F80975A47040FCF17701/Core.Communication.WCF.pd_ -> The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
PdbNavigator: Downloader: http://113tfl03:8091/symbols/SwtFeed/Core.Communication.WCF.pdb/A9EF76E88A044F80975A47040FCF17701/Core.Communication.WCF.pdb -> ok, 145 KB
PdbNavigator: No debugging information found on symbol servers for Core.Communication.WCF, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b04b1d5182953db3

I found a bug report about the same issue after all so seems like I should take it up there.


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