Make "Go to Next Error" go to first error on the page

I don't know if this feature has changed recently but suddenly when I hit alt-F12 and happen to be at the bottom of the page, it goes to the next error at a different page. I don't recall after several years of using R# this hapenning.

When I hit the first alt-F12 my goal is to start fixing the errors in the page I am working on, not the "Next" error which could be off the page. IMO, this seems to make more sense from a UX perspective and then subsequent alt-F12's will go to the next and next.. Now I have to remember to hit ctrl-Home to go to the top of the page then alt-F12. This is more cumbersome.

Is there another keyboard shortcut for going to the first error on the page? If not please create this option.
I am using R# 9.2.

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