[Feature Request] Automatically ignore bundled CSS files in DNX5/VS2015

Or perhaps add this as an option?

As you are well aware bundling works quite differently in DNX5, as a result there is no magic dynamic file being created using a handler, there is simply a file being output with the combined contents of the files you select and then additionaly a minified version is provided so you can choose which file is linked for what environment etc. These "bundles" are now stored in bundleconfig.json and this file will mention the bundle destination file name using the outputFileName property of each defined bundle.

The files contained in each bundle are being analyzed by ReSharper and CSS analysis is forcing my VS2015.1 to slow down to a crawl, when I checked which file was the culprit of this slow-down I saw it was also analyzing the bundled file, ughh, I guess there is some logic in that approach but this creates a duplicate warning/error for each CSS style analysis result mentioned.

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