Controlling custom highlightes

I've registered own highlighter, using RegisterHighlighterAttribute, added
required to VS registry and got it working in general.

Now I can't make it behave like warning, but with different color on error
stripe. I set ErrorStripeColorName = "Olive" and ErrorStripeKind = ErrorStripeKind.WARNING,
but color on the error stripe is still orange (like warning). When I adjusted
properties in IHighlighting implementation to return Severity.INFO, it asked
for ColorOnStripe propperty and it indeed is displayed with "Olive" color
on stripe, but it stopped navigating to highlighted range in the code, like
it did when it was WARNING.

Desired behaviour:
- display in waved Olive color both in code and on error stripe (preferrably,
same color on stripe as configured by user in VS options)
- navigate as if they were errors/warnings, i.e. GotoNextError command should
stop on this highlight
- configure error stripe icon (green/orange/red) to display my color (Olive)
when there is no warning or error, but there are my custom highlights
- configure hint on the error stripe icon, so that it displays counter for
my highlights as well, like "Analysis complete. 2 error(s) and 2 <![CDATA[]]> detected.". Text in angle brackets should be configurable.

Does it make sense?

Ilya Ryzhenkov

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