Looking for OpenAPI experts available for 2 quick consulting projects


The Open APi is an amazing concept - however, in the absense of
documentation and good examples, I just don't have the time to figure it out
like I should. However - quite a number of you seem to have.

I want to create to quick refactorings. The first is simple - Create
Repository. Given a class like:

public class Individual : DomainObject
private string _name;


it should generate, IN THE APPROPRIATE SubDIRECTORY (this is actually
important), the following:

public class IndividualRepository : DomainObjectRepository <![CDATA[ { } I dunno - this is so simple, it might even be possible to do without an OpenAPI - they key though is that it needs to be smart enough to insert itself into the right place in the directory structure. So if Individual is in DomainObjects/CRM/Individual, the repository class needs to be in DomainServices/Persistence/CRM directory. The second refactoring I need is Create Data Transfer Object. So, take the following class: public class User : DomainObject { ///Comments private Association _associatoin; ///Comments public CommandShortcut _commandShortcut; private string _name; private IList _permissions; private IList _lastLogins; private IDictionary]]> _preferredName;

... and then the matching public properties

From this class, the refactoring would create another class - dtoUser. See,
this class is reponsible for sending data over the wire - so it needs to be
XML seriealizable. Well - .NET can't XML serialize interfaces, so first
thing is,we need to convert all interfaces to concreate classes. Next is we
have several domain objects embedded in this one - we need to either
converted them to their Data Transfer Object equivalents, or use a Guid
field (every DomainObject has a Guid). The popup box should give me the
option to specify what I want to do. So, assuming I tell the plugin to
convert to the DTO equivalent for every property BUT Association, the
resultant class should look like:

public class dtoUser : DataTransferObject
private string associationGuid;

private dtoCommandShortcut _commandShortcut;

private string _name;

private List<![CDATA[ _permissions; private List _lastLogins; private Dictionary]]> _preferredName

.. and then the matching public properties

Note that the resultant class needs to be automatically put in the right
directory structure, which is actually in another porject in the same
solution. Also - the DTO class contains all of the members and properties,
but NONE of the methods of the domain object - and they are grouped together
in #region directives.

I assume some kind of XML config doc that I could edit would provide the
mapping between interfaces and concrete classes - IList to List for example.
We only use 3 or 4, so this shouldn't be a problem.

OK - this is the scope - anyone game to help me out fo ra few days on a
contractor basis?


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