Analayze accessibility plugin

Attached is a plugin that analayzes the accessibility of each property and
method of the current type.
Highlighted in pink, are the properties and methods which are unused within
the current solution.
Highlighted in blue , are the properties and methods which can use a lower
accessibility modifier.
For those highlighted properties and methods, a quick fix is also avaliable.

1) Load the Plugin.
2) Inside a class, right click and choose "Analayze Accessibility" from the
context menu.
3) Check the highlighted properties and methods.
4) Press Escape to remove the highlighting.

1) The plugin does not highlight properties nor methods which override or
implement properties and method of types based in the System namespace
(meaning that the Dispose method ,for example ,will not be marked as
2) The plug is using the same colors as Usage highlighting, I was
unsuccessfull in registering a new highlighter, any help in that matter will
be appreciate.
3) For properties and method which override or implement an interface, the
plugin does not seach for usage of the parent class or the interface. Any
help in that matter will be highly appreciate.
4) The plugin was compiled with VS2005 and R# build 240.

Ran Wakshlak

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Using latest build of R# - does not work? Does not come up in context menu etc... Any thoughts?

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After building the project do the following:

1) Under c:\Program Files\JetBrains\ReSharper\VS2005\Plugins\ create a
folder named AccessibilityAnalayzer
2) Copy AccessibilityAnalayzer.dll to the created directory (c:\Program
3) Open vs2005
4) under Resharper | Plugins make sure that use see the
AccessibilityAnalayzer plugin , and that is it mark.
5) A context menu should be added when you right click within a c# file.

I verified it with build 245.

Ran Wakshlak

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Hello Ran,
Congratulation !!!

The first working plugin you win


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None of the ReSharper plugins I dealt with (neither from the
PluginSample solution nor third party one) worked.

After I created a subfolder in Plugins directory plugin appeared in
Plugins window (Main Menu -> ReSharper -> Plugins...) - I saw the name
of the plugin and Version, but fields Vendor and Description were empty.
And no plugin items was appeared in context menu :(

It seams - that is a BUG.

Dmitry Pavlov

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Hi Folks,

Has this 'bug' been fixed yet ?
I'm trying to get the AccessibilityAnalyzer plugin working (with some code changes for VS.NET 2003), and it appears in the menu, but no context menu, or resharper menu items available.


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Hello Ran,
Pity this plug-in does not compile in R# 2.5.1. Any plans to update it according to the latest version of OpenAPI?


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