OpenAPI need some promotion

Hello !

I recently looked with openapi and found it has great potential.
Nevertheless, due to the lack of documentation and only very few example,
figuring it out was quite hard. In fact, without reflector it was nearly
In order to promote the use of the OpenApi I would like to suggest a faw

1) Documentation & Examples. I assume you are all working very hard to get
R# ready for release, but I believe that the OpenApi is one of R# greatest
feature. If you promote it, you can create a community of R# plugins
developers so that some of the features will be implemented by them. It can
also give you and edge over your competitors.

2) Make a place where developers can share there plugins, this way you get
free examples that other can learn from.

3) Start a competition and offer a prize for the best plugin. Hopfully this
will encourage other developers to start developing R# plugins.

Keep on the good work.

Ran Wakshlak

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I absolutely agree with Ran.

Dmitry Pavlov

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Not only do I agree, but I think you all need to certify people for PlugIn
development. So you charge someone $1,000 to go through onsite training and
certification and then they become a Resharper Certifiied Plugin Developer.
See - guys like us - we're so busy trying to code our own applications, we
definitely don't want to have to learn yet ANOTHER paradigm. I would (and am
actually trying to) pay money to have someone savvy, and someone with a
relationship with JetBrains (that would come with the certification) to
simply build my plugin for me on a cost basis.

I mean, to be honest, Resharper is such an amazing VS add in, its going to
become ubiiquitous at some point. In my opinion, its literally RECKLESS for
a developer to be writing code without this product. I'm surprised Microsoft
isn't trying to buy the product and incorporate it into VS2k5 itself. So
having legions of R# plugin developers would add a LOT of value, because I
know whn I'm buying this thing I also have people that can extend this thing
any which way I want!

"Carsten Jendro" <> wrote in message


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I 100% agree with your ideas. I have some large scale refactoring that I am sure the Open API could help me with but I am really stuck just trying to figure out the simplest things.


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