xml psi

Hello JetBrains,

I have the following questions regarding xml files:

1.) I implemented IProjectFileLanguageService and added the following

[ProjectFileLanguageService(new string[] { ".hbm.xml" }),
ShellComponentImplementation, XmlLanguage]

The problem with this is that my plugin doesn't get any call to
GetPsiLanguageType for *.hbm.xml files. If I register for .xml I get an
exception (duplicate key), if I register for .hbmxml (missing second
dot) my plugin is called. Is it possible that you still don't support
file extensions containing dots?

2.) If I implement a IRecursiveElementProcessor for C# files, how can I
verify if a given property name is used in a .hbm.xml file? In
ProcessBeforeInterior I can get the property name, but how do I get the
xml psi for the .hbm.xml file?

3.) What do I have to do to be called on a rename refactoring so that I
can change the corresponding .hbm.xml?

Stefan Lieser

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