IRecursiveElementProcessor usage

In order to analyse method calls in my R# plugin, I create a StageProcess that implements both IDaemonStageProcess and IRecursiveElementProcessor.

Implementation looks like this:

        public bool InteriorShouldBeProcessed(IElement element) { return true; }

        public void ProcessAfterInterior(IElement element) { }

        public void ProcessBeforeInterior(IElement element)

            var checker = ...

            if (checker.IsInvocationAllowed) return;

            //else add highlighting

Now a few questions:

  1. Is that the recommended approach?
  2. How should one decide whether to put such analysis in the "ProcessBefore" or "ProcessAfter"?
  3. Is it correct to simply return "true" from InteriorShouldBeProcessed?


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1) Yes, this is desired approach
2) "ProcessBeforeInterior" is executed BEFORE visitng the subtree, and "ProcessAfterInterior" - after.
Usually, there is no difference where you process syntax constructs. These methods are requesred when you need pre- and post- processing of a subtree (for example, before visitng code block push something into stack, and after visiting - pop)
3) Using "InteriorShouldBeProcessed" you can skip some subtrees from iteration. When you return "true", the whole AST will be visited


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