R# Plugin SDK and basic steps


I'm doing my first steps in the R# SDK. As recommended I start my VS2010 with /ReSharper.Internal and am promptly asked to switch from main hive to experimantal hive, from per-machine to per-user location.

I wonder:

  1. What is a hive?
  2. What is the "Experimental Hive Assistance Program" trying to fix?
  3. What are "shell link files", "vsix manifest" and "pckdef"?
  4. When trying to apply the recommended changes I get a System.UnauthorizedAccessException as I'm following Microsoft's least-privilege development recommendation; can I simply run the change as admin and subsequently return to my usual user account with the changes applied?
  5. These changes are globaly; will I run into trouble when *not* developing R# plugins? If "yes" what am I supposed to do?
  6. After reading  R# 6 Plugin Development (Fundamentalsand Core Concepts) and parts from Sample Plugin: Is there any document that actually tells me how to run/debug the sample? Some very basic steps?

I suppose there is no need to tell that I've never written a line of plugin-in code for Visual Studio before. I was told I could actually succeed. I'm "developing" doubts, instead.

Any help is very welcome. Thanks


    Well, at least for (4) I have found the answer myself: No. Not possible. R# is dead. Only usable with the admin account, henceforth. Had to repair the whole installation using the R# MSI. X-(


    (6) The simplest way is copy your plugin to R# plugins folder and attach to new VS process from plugin solution.


    Hi there! In answer to your questions:

    1. A hive is a separate registry area for Visual Studio. The idea of using a separate hive is to protect your original development settings from interfering with settings that an end-user of your plugin might experience. There's nothing preventing you from just using an ordinary, non-experimental instance.
    2. The experimental hive assistance program gets triggered in Internal mode only. It basically suggests turning a per-machine install into a per-user one.This is needed to have more than one hive, because starting with VS10, per-machine components can only be registered in all hives at once.
    3. These files are necessary for a Visual Studio plugin to run. If you are seeing error messages regarding these files, something is definitely wrong!
    4. What recommended changes are you talking about?
    5. Again, I'm not sure what changes you mean.
    6. This page describes how to debug plugins. Also, any project created with the SDK is preconfigured for debugging, you need only press F5.

    Hope this helps,

    Dmitri Nesteruk


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