XAML QuickFix Availability Testing

Hello developers,

     I am new to the ReSharper Developer Community. I have been developing a ReSharper plug-in in order to cover the enterprise coding standards and best practices here where I work. This thread relates to an issue I was having with extending the QuickFixAvailabilityTestBase for (.xaml) files. The issue was resolved simply by adding the following attributes to my test fixture:



     The ReSharper 7 Plugin Development documentation does not cover the requirement for these attributes. The following pages have something to say about working with XAML or with testing:

          [4.11 Working with XML-like files]

          [2.10 Testing]

Those resources were invaluable to the developments I have made. A minor addition to deal with the use of (.xaml) files in the plug-in documentation seems necessary.


                     David     ;\

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Thanks for the pointer, I'll add those to the Plugin Dev Guide.


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