Using Resharper Plugin in TeamCity Code Inspection


We have implemented an R# Plugin which has some custom inspection rules for AoT compatibility (the built in custom inspection rules functionalty wasn't sufficient for our needs). We would now like to use the existing TeamCity code inspection step, which already uses .DotSettings, to take our plugin into account, so it generates reports with our custom rules. Is there any way to accomplish this (e.g. using the teamcity plugin API ?)

If this isn't possible, is there a way to integrate the plugin into the new v8 command line inspection tool, so we can generate CI-side inspection logs? Is there any possibilty to run the plugin as a standalone inspection tool (I found no way to open up ISolution instance).

If neither of these things works, will there be a possiblity in near future (1-2 months) to fullfill this requirements with the resharper framework? Otherwise we would need to rewrite our rules in another framework like Gendarm, which in turn would lead to huge code duplication. We would really like to avoid this.

Michal Domanski

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