Customize Name Style / Intellisense

Hi Guys!
I'm trying to customize my Name Style, but I can't realize it or I'm wrong about it.
I would create a Custom Name Style / Intellisense for my Repository class: I would create a custom role that when I type something like IRepository<MyClass> the first name proposed is myClassRepository.

Is it possible to create a rule like that?

Thank you!

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I'm not sure if this is possible out of box; but possible it can be done via reSharper plugin. I've moved this thread to reSharper API/SDK discussion forum.


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The naming system isn't extensible, so it's not possible to provide a custom name for your variables that would be used in e.g. rename refactorings. However, you could write a plugin that adds items to the code completion list that appears when suggesting names for a variable. You can take a look at the NameSuggestionRule in dotPeek as a way to show how this is done.


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