Can't add action to ReSharper.Refactor menu


I am able to add actions to other menus, but for some reason whatever I try and put into the Refactor menu does not appear.

Sample from actions.xml:

  <action id="Refactory.RenameStep" text="Rename Step">
    <shortcut scope="Text Editor">F2</shortcut>
  <insert group-id="ReSharper.Refactor" position="before" anchor-id="ExtractSuper">
    <action-ref id="Refactory.RenameStep" />

I don't get any exceptions or anything - it just doesn't add it to the menu. Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug involved?

Also, when my action appears in the "Refactor This" context menu, it seems to ignore the keyboard shortcut I have specified.



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Have you been able to find a solution for this yet? I am also trying to do this.

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Annoyingly, it looks like this isn't possible. It appears to be an issue with the Visual Studio integration - adding the action to other action groups works ok, but since the refactor menu overrides the Visual Studio built-in menu, things are more complicated. The handling seems to be finding the overridden (and hidden) VS menus, and tries to add the action to that menu, but fails to find the appropriate action to place it before/after. Sadly, I don't have a work around, other than to use a different location for the action.

I've created a YouTrack issue to track this. Feel free to vote it up!


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