Context menu item when right-clicking multiselected files in solution explorer

I am upgrading some plugins to ReSharper 9 and have read about all the changes to the depreciated Actions.xml, and modified my menu items that appear in the "ReSharper" menu appropriately. But I have some plugins that show in the context menu when right-clicking multiselected files in solution explorer.
In ReSharper 9 how do I get my Action/MenuItem to show in that location?

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You should be able to do this using the standard action insert attributes (IInsertFirst/IInsertLast, IInsertBefore/IInsertAfter) together with the IntoSolutionItemGroup_* classes. The IntoSolutionItemGroup class defines an action group that is made up of several other groups - IntoSolutionItemGroup_Find, IntoSolutionItemGroup_Hierarchies, IntoSolutionItemGroup_Modify, IntoSolutionItemGroup_Test and IntoSolutionItemGroup_Misc. There are similar groups for IntoSolutionItemGroup_Project, which allows for inserting into the context menu of projects. E.g. the "Find code issues" item in the solution context menu is defined:

public class FindCodeIssuesAction: IExecutableAction, IInsertFirst<IntoSolutionItemGroup_Find>


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