Extending DebugTaskRunnerHostController

I'm currently porting AgUnit to R#9. To enable debug support I need to extend the DebugTaskRunnerHostController so that it assigns the Silverlight debug engine guid to guidLaunchDebugEngine incase it is a silverlight project. Unfortunatly theis calss has no extension point to to this. So the only way I managed to achieve this is to reverse engineer the class and add this to its code:

I'd like to get two statements from JetBrains:
1. Does this violate your copyright or are you fine when an opensource project contains some reverse engineered code from you? (Without this AgUnit can not add debug support at the moment)
2. Can you provide an extension point to that class so that plugins can assign other debug engines?

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Hi Remo,
it is not possible at the moment and, unfortunately, it's too risky to change API here before ReSharper 9.1 release.
I've created request for this: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-435746


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