Having trouble porting PowerToys.FindText sample to R#9.0

having trouble installing the findText sample code in R#9. the version from github. https://github.com/JetBrains/ReSharperPowerToys

I fixed all the namespace issues and have is compiling with a few warnings. Mainly architecture mismatch, referenced component cant be found for cxLex etc. but it dosnt look like any of the warnings should affect the plugin.

I created a nupkg, and every time it changes I uninstall the old one, quit, install the new one, quit. then run it in the debugger. each time I run it with /rootSuffix Plugins /ReSharper.Internal

The extention manager sees it as being installed but I dont see the action in the ToolsMenu. I also dont see any references to FindText in the console. This makes me think that it might be an install problem.

*** is there anyway to get a log of the installed extensions or to see if there was a problem installing something?

Here is my Zone Marker.  for now just making it wide open to minimize errors.

namespace JetBrains.ReSharper.PowerToys.FindText



    //public interface IZenSharpZoneDefinition : IZone




    //public class ZoneMarker : IRequire<IZenSharpZoneDefinition>

    public class ZoneMarker




*** here is my action

namespace JetBrains.ReSharper.PowerToys.FindText


    [Action( "Find Text Special", Id = 66602)]

    public class FindTextAction : IExecutableAction, IInsertFirst<ToolsMenu>


        public bool Update(IDataContext context, ActionPresentation presentation, DelegateUpdate nextUpdate)


            // Check that we have a solution

            return context.CheckAllNotNull(ProjectModel.DataContext.DataConstants.SOLUTION);


        public void Execute(IDataContext context, DelegateExecute nextExecute)


            // Get solution from context in which action is executed

            ISolution solution = context.GetData(ProjectModel.DataContext.DataConstants.SOLUTION);

            if (solution == null)


            var documentManager = solution.GetComponent<DocumentManager>();

            var shellLocks = solution.GetComponent<IShellLocks>();

            var settingStore = solution.GetComponent<ISettingsStore>();

            var mainWindow = solution.GetComponent<IMainWindow>();


            // Ask user about search string

            FindTextSearchRequest searchRequest;

            using (var dialog = new EnterSearchStringDialog(settingStore.BindToContextTransient(ContextRange.Smart((lt, contexts) => context))))


                if (dialog.ShowDialog(mainWindow) != DialogResult.OK)


                // Create request, descriptor, perform search and show results

                searchRequest = new FindTextSearchRequest(solution, dialog.SearchString, dialog.CaseSensitive, dialog.SearchFlags);


            using (shellLocks.UsingReadLock())


                var descriptor = new FindTextDescriptor(searchRequest);







here is my nuspec

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<package xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/packaging/2010/07/nuspec.xsd">



    <title>FindText for ReSharper 9)</title>








    <description>Not sure what it does</description>

    <releaseNotes>&#8226; Support for ReSharper 9.0</releaseNotes>


      <dependency id="Wave" version="[1.0]" />


    <tags>resharper angular angularjs javascript js typescript</tags>



    <file src="bin\Debug\FindText.dll"

          target="dotFiles\" />



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