“There is no known subplatform with name Psi.Features\Cpp\src” exception


Any ideas why below exception is happening? I am upgrading my plugin from SDK 8.2 to SDK 9.1.20150727.120432, already applied a lot of "magic" from this forum and other plugins, but finally got stuck. Note that project is C#, not C++. VS 2013.

------ Run test started ------ NUnit VS Adapter executing tests is started Loading tests from C:\Users\Andrey\Documents\Projects\Personal\AgentZorge\src\AgentZorge.Tests\bin\Debug\9.1\AgentZorge.Tests.dll Run started: C:\Users\Andrey\Documents\Projects\Personal\AgentZorge\src\AgentZorge.Tests\bin\Debug\9.1\AgentZorge.Tests.dll SetUp failed for test fixture AgentZorge.Tests.TestEnvironmentAssembly SetUp : JetBrains.TestFramework.Utils.TestLoggerListener+TestWrapperException : Could not add a reference from subplatform ReSharper\SDK to subplatform Psi.Features\Cpp\src. There is no known subplatform with name Psi.Features\Cpp\src Parameter name: name Actual value was Psi.Features\Cpp\src. --- EXCEPTION #1/2 [ArgumentOutOfRangeException] Message = “There is no known subplatform with name Psi.Features\Cpp\src” ExceptionPath = Root.InnerException ClassName = System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException HResult = COR_E_ARGUMENTOUTOFRANGE=80131502 Source = JetBrains.Platform.Shell ParamName = name ActualValue = Psi.Features\Cpp\src StackTraceString = “   at JetBrains.Application.BuildScript.Solution.AllAssembliesAccess.Find(SubplatformName name)      at JetBrains.Application.BuildScript.Solution.AllAssembliesAccess.Ctor_References(ILogger Logger) ”

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