Questions on ReSharper C++ are welcome in this community

This discussion forum is a place to discuss everything related to ReSharper C++: an offspring product of ReSharper that provides C++ support in Visual Studio.

Please don't hesitate to ask your questions on the current functionality of ReSharper C++ (currently available as part of Early Access Program): the team is ready to listen and answer.

If you have encountered a bug in ReSharper C++, we would appreciate if you file a bug report in the issue tracker.

If you want a new feature to be implemented in ReSharper C++, please file a feature request in the issue tracker.

Before filing bug reports or feature requests, please consider searching for existing requests similar to yours. If you find an existing request, you can upvote it, which would automatically subscribe you to any updates to this request.

For support inquiries that you prefer to keep private, please contact ReSharper C++ support.


the bug report link tells me that "

You have no permissions to view this page"


Joel, you should be logged in YouTrack to submit bugs. Are you?


Yes sorry I logged in now. I was just surprised it didn't log me in automatically or didn't ask to login.


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