Disable built in VS features (like rename)

Is it possible to disable features in ReSharper C++, particularly built in Visual Studio features like rename. I know Visual Studio 2015 is the only verison to have it built in so I'm sure this was great before then, but I'd like to use the built in rename feature. I'm finding that it actually works better than the one in ReSharper C++. I really don't want to have to disable ReSharper just for doing something like renaming. I'm sure I'll run into something else eventually, so it would be great if you could choose which features are enabled.

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The problem actually is that ReSharper C++ is overwriting the built-in refactoring calls, even so it has different buttons.
Would be nice if that could be changed.


EDIT: I noticed that there was no bug report on the issue tracker, so I made one (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSCPP-14848).


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